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Starting Lineup Price Guide

All items not listed under specific sports headings are listed under Multisports, including: Team sets, Dream Team, Convention pieces, Kenner Club, Wheaties Figures, One On Ones, Legends and store exclusives. Non-SLU items have been moved to a seperate category. If you can't find a particular piece listed, please check under the multisports category. Please be sure to read  How to use the guide.

1988-1989 Baseball
1990-1993 Baseball
1994-1996 Baseball
1997-1999 Baseball
2000-01 Baseball
1988-1995 Basketball
1996-2000 Basketball
1988-1991 Football
1992-1998 Football
1999-2000 Football
1993-2000 Hockey
1989-2000 Multisport