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    McFarlane Sports Picks NBA 23 Figures
        December 06, 2009
        by Max Gratton
        McFarlane Toys has released photos of the upcoming Sports Picks NBA Series 23 set. Photos of the figures are shown below. The set will also include the Following Collector Level figures

      MVP - Bryant - Purple Jersey with trophy
      All-Star - Rose: WHite Jersey
      All-Star - Gasol - Purple Jersey
      Premier - Brand - White Jersey
      Premier - Wade - White Jersey with trophy
      Gold - James - Navy Jersey
      Silver - Paul - Teal Jersey
      Bronzoe - Garnett with Trophy
      Bronze - Bryant - White Jersey with Trophy

      Chris Paul

      Derrick Rose

      Dwyane Wade

      Elton Brand

      Kobe Bryant

      Kevin Garnett

      Lebon James

      Pau Gasol