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    McFarlane Playmakers
        December 06, 2009
        by Max Gratton
        McFarlane Toys has announced a new set of articulated sports figures, which will be in stores next year. These figures will be similar to the Replay sports figures and include more than 20 moving parts. Each figure will be released in both batting and fielding versions. The set includes:

      て「 Alex Rodriguez -- New York Yankees
      て「 Dustin Pedroia -- Boston Red Sox
      て「 Albert Pujols -- St. Louis Cardinals
      て「 Derek Jeter -- New York Yankees
      て「 Manny Ramirez -- Los Angeles Dodgers
      て「 Ichiro Suzuki -- Seattle Mariners
      て「 Ryan Howard -- Philadelphia Phillies
      て「 Chipper Jones -- Atlanta Braves
      て「 David Ortiz -- Boston Red Sox
      て「 Josh Beckett -- Boston Red Sox
      て「 David Wright -- New York Mets
      て「 Tim Lincecum -- San Francisco Giants